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Det är idag konservativt att vara liberal

Rubriken må låta kontradiktorisk men den har faktiskt större relevans än vad man kan tro. I en krönika i Jönköpingsposten häromdagen gjordes denna iakttagelse då många förmenta liberaler idag synbart har få dubier att begränsa för laglydiga medborgare vilkas livsstil … Continue reading

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Nothing new in an ever changing world

The increasing tensions in Eastern Europe seem to continue, not only in Donbass were both sides accuse each other of escalating the conflict. It seems likely however that Kiev is trying to piecemeal change facts on the ground after Trump´s … Continue reading

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Laws are for the law abiding in today’s Sweden

Few within the hunting and sport shooting community have failed to miss that the stand in Brussels regarding EU’s Firearms Directive seems to be a lost cause, at least at a European level. Anna Maria Corazza-Bildt (MP) voted for the … Continue reading

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Welcome to Kafkanistan, formerly known as Sweden

Instinctively the reader might find the headline as rascist slur intended as a provocation against Swedish migration policies. It is not. It is a a fitting description of several observations of Swedish society the latest couple of weeks, although it … Continue reading

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