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Om Sverige vore en saga

Om Sverige vore en saga så ligger jämförelsen till Alice i Underlandet av Lewis Carroll inte långt borta. Vårt samhälle håller på att falla allt djupare ned i kaninhålet i takt med att antiintellektuell identitetspolitik och dygdsignalering tillåts ta tolkningsföreträde … Continue reading

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Britain has left the EU – what now?

One hour before midnight Britain formally left the European Union. In his last speech before the European Parliament MEP Nigel Farage described the 47 year long British membership as a political experiment that the British wasn’t very happy with, how … Continue reading

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In 1956 Anthony Eden made a grave political miscalculation

At about the same hour during the night as the United States assassinated Major General Qassem Suleimani, commander of the Iranian Quds Force, five days earlier, the Iranian retaliatory strike with ballistic missiles came on two US bases in Iraq, … Continue reading

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Corbyn’s and Labour’s utter failure from a Swedish perspective

The British election was a rather interesting thing to witness, not least from a Swedish perspective. The narrative of the Swedish State Television, was beforehand but also during the election that the result would be hard to predict. The disappointment … Continue reading

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”Morgondagens fascister är antifascisterna”

Häromdagen arrangerades ett antirasistiskt event i skotska Edinburgh av organisationen Resisting Whiteness. Denna säger sig stå för QTPOC -Queer and Trans People of Color. På arrangemanget fanns s.k. “safe spaces” där vita människor inte fick ha någon talan, något som … Continue reading

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Not to see the wood because of the trees – why there are mass shootings

The past week was a truly dark one with three different mass shootings in the United States, in El Paso in Texas, in Dayton in Ohio and last weekend the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California became the unlikely scene of … Continue reading

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Why the 2019 European Parliament Election will be a victory for the anti-establishment

Between 23-26 of May 2019 the European Parliament Election will be held throughout the EU. This election has been described by many on both sides of the political spectrum as a political watershed. This is both true and false. To … Continue reading

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Libya – another failure for American foreign policy

Things are heating up in war torn Libya as the Libyan National Forces of Kalifa Haftar are advancing on Tripoli held by the Western backed Government of National Accord who’s forces so far have not been able to sufficiently stall … Continue reading

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Julian Assange arrested, the question is for what really?

This week Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, was hauled out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London by British police. Assange’s run in with the law stems from allegations in Sweden on rape, albeit those allegations might seem to have … Continue reading

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International relations seem to change swiftly, just follow the oil trail

These days international relations seem to change swiftly. Not long ago Saudi Arabia under the rule of self portrayed reformist Mohammed bin Salman seemed to to have become really cozy with Israel under the beleaguered rule of Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu. … Continue reading

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