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I’ve already said no once..

Almost immediately after the terrorist attacks in Paris in the autumn of 2015 the European Commission attempted to disarm the law abiding citizens of Europe under the false pretense of combating terrorism through a new Firearms Directive that for instance … Continue reading

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Början på slutet för EU som vi känner det?

Igår kunde man läsa på Europaportalen att Europadomstolen i ett domslut kommit fram till att Polen, Tjeckien och Ungern bröt mot EU-rätt när de vägrade ta emot flyktingar som EU-länderna gemensamt beslutat om. Huruvida beslutet var gemensamt kan diskuteras när … Continue reading

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Synbart har “humaniteten” blivit totalitär

Den uppseglande nya migrationskrisen har knappast kunnat undgå någon vid detta lag, allra minst Jimmie Åkessons politiska utspel vid den grekisk-turkiska gränsen där denne delat ut flygblad med informationen att “Sweden is full!” undertecknade Sverigedemokraterna och det svenska folket. Indignationen … Continue reading

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What US politicians got right and what they’ve got wrong – a Swedish perspective

That the Mueller Report took the wind out of the Liberal MSM doesn’t really help the Democrats before the next Presidential Election. CNN and MSNBC had invested a huge amount of credibility into the Russiagate narrative and with Trump now … Continue reading

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Why the 2019 European Parliament Election will be a victory for the anti-establishment

Between 23-26 of May 2019 the European Parliament Election will be held throughout the EU. This election has been described by many on both sides of the political spectrum as a political watershed. This is both true and false. To … Continue reading

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Libya – another failure for American foreign policy

Things are heating up in war torn Libya as the Libyan National Forces of Kalifa Haftar are advancing on Tripoli held by the Western backed Government of National Accord who’s forces so far have not been able to sufficiently stall … Continue reading

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International relations seem to change swiftly, just follow the oil trail

These days international relations seem to change swiftly. Not long ago Saudi Arabia under the rule of self portrayed reformist Mohammed bin Salman seemed to to have become really cozy with Israel under the beleaguered rule of Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu. … Continue reading

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Hoplophobia, the socially endorsed phobia

To start with, this article is not about trying to diminish the heinous acts of terrorism that were carried out in Christchurch, this article is about trying to look beyond the instinctive emotionally driven reactions to them. Hardly surprising the … Continue reading

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A new scramble for Africa?

According to an interview with Defense Minister Marie-Noëlle Koyara by RIA-Novosti the Central African Republic is about invite Russia to build a permanent base in the country at facility already used by Russia since last year to train CAR’s forces. … Continue reading

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Unholy religion and religious hypocrisy

This headline really captures the events the latest couple of weeks in Sweden and in France. In France the Mouvement des gilets jaunes – the Yellow Wests, has launched what more resembles an insurrection rather than a protest against the … Continue reading

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