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Israel about to formally adopt it’s version of Apartheid?

The Knesset will probably vote later today about the adoption of the Nation-State Bill. This bill will effectively turn Israel into an outspoken Jewish state, a significant step away from Israel’s historical formal secular society, something that might put into … Continue reading

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International finance goes increasingly multipolar

In an article in India’s The Economic Times yesterday it was revealed that India and Russia are about to drop the dollar and SWIFT when it comes to their trade of military equipment. This comes as no surprise since the … Continue reading

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Le nationalisme est mort! Vive le nationalisme!

When the Third Reich fell in 1945 and the full extent of the horrors brought about by chauvinistic nationalism came into full view, just a generation after the previous cataclysmic war fueled by the similar incentives, many in Europe saw … Continue reading

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Some international acknowledgement is always appreciated

Some international acknowledgement is always appreciated: The latest Re-Define Daily Review! Thanks to @ui_gmbh @blickovernejden #eurozone #italy — Re-Define (@ReDefineEurope) May 29, 2018

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Signs of US military hardware loosing it’s appeal?

Ever since Turkey and Russia signed a contract for delivery of the advanced Russian S-400 SAM-system to Ankara the United States have become increasingly worried about it’s dominant position as the main provider of military technology in the world. Turkey … Continue reading

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When the result of a democratic election does not fit the narrative

This sentence captures the Italian election quite well. The Euro skeptic economist Professor Paolo Savona did not fit well with the Italian President Sergio Mattarella nor with Brussels one can surmise. Hence Mattarella stated that the position as Minister of … Continue reading

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From Sharpsville to Gaza

Today the new American Embassy in Jerusalem is inaugurated. This comes on Israel’s 70th Anniversary of it’s independence. The choosing of the date for the inauguration comes as no surprise. It neither comes as a surprise that the US decision … Continue reading

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