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Regeringen förlorade omröstningen om magasinreglering, vad kan vi nu förvänta oss?

Som väntat så röstades Regeringens proposition om att tillståndsbelägga magasin ned. I den p.g.a. av den pågående coronapandemin till antalet nedbantade Riksdagen röstade 32 ledamöter för att fälla förslaget och 23 röstade nej. Det gick en snörrät skiljelinje mellan den … Continue reading

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The illogical logic of terrorism

Yet again we have witnessed another apparent right wing terrorist attack in Germany and seemingly yet another case of self-radicalization as a 43 year old ethnic German shot up two hookah bars in the city of Hanau last night. The … Continue reading

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Not to see the wood because of the trees – why there are mass shootings

The past week was a truly dark one with three different mass shootings in the United States, in El Paso in Texas, in Dayton in Ohio and last weekend the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California became the unlikely scene of … Continue reading

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The elephant in the room

On Easter day seven bombs detonated in churches and luxury hotels around in Sri Lanka, an eighth bomb went off during defusing. Nearly 300 people were killed and 500 wounded in the coordinated attacks. The perpetrators were connected to the … Continue reading

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Hoplophobia, the socially endorsed phobia

To start with, this article is not about trying to diminish the heinous acts of terrorism that were carried out in Christchurch, this article is about trying to look beyond the instinctive emotionally driven reactions to them. Hardly surprising the … Continue reading

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